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Complementary to our wholesale and retail supply unit, we have incorporated a new  business division recently. The transport and logistics unit deals mainly with the physical transportation of fuel and other petroleum related products to our clients as well as to our own retail stations.

While we were previously dependent on external service providers, we realised that to be a truly efficient one stop service provider, we needed to start to deliver the products to our clients directly.

Consequently, we established Far Ocean Logistics and Transportation Lda in Timor Leste. our logistic and trucking division. We have fuel trucks of various capacities, ranging from 30,000 litres, 21,600 liters, 18,200 liters, 10,000 liters, 5,000 litres, and 8,000 litres fuel trucks, capable of transporting oil quickly and effectively to our customers within Timor Leste.

In addition, we have secured a shipping agency and clearance licence from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.