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Global Group trades in a wide range of petroleum products across Asia Pacific region. To position ourselves geographically, we have entered into storage agreements with storage facilities in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste and South Korea which makes up part of our strategic trading base. These locations allow us to deploy ships and send fuel to various locations in and around the Asia Pacific region. The strategic deployment of ships and fuel supply is critical to ensure our customers are able to enjoy the savings and time efficiency from our operations team.

In 2019, we commenced the design and construction of the largest oil storage terminal in Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. This investment plan will tap the growth of the country's demand in the future and provide sustainability to our existing wholesale supply and petrol stations retail network unit in Timor Leste. In addition, the storage terminal will also provide future energy security to the Country. Other economic benefits such as tax and sales revenues to the government, as well as, job opportunities and transfer of technical and professional skills to the locals, new quality products and services, and price competitiveness in the local energy market.

With storage capacity for multiple grades of petroleum products and our onshore Timor Leste business acting as our base, we expect to grow from strength to strength while also allowing us to expand our distribution and trading network into nearby locations like Marshall Islands, the Arafura Sea's marine gasoil demand, and Papua New Guinea among others.