Renewables and Edible oils

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While the Group is well placed to continue our position in the fossil fuel sector, we are always looking into the future.

We established Alpine Renewables to focus on renewable fuels like used cooking oil, purchase and sale of palm and seed related bio-fuels, ethanol, and light cycle oil. In Timor Leste, we intend to set up a UCO collection and production plant in 2021.

Alpine Renewables has established strategic alliance with operators in Malaysia and China for the supply of UCO for our customers in Europe. At the same time, the output from our production plant in East Timor will feed into our retail and wholesale supply chain.

We are also looking into the technologies and equipment required for the recycling used tires and plastics as sources for renewable fuel and other by-products.



We hope to launch Education Programs with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment

  • Schools and Public Media
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram/ Face Book and Tweeter
  • Advertisements on TV and Bill Boards

These programs can teach and educate on the merits of recycling and the proper disposal of UCO, plastics and other waste.



To ensure international recognition of our efforts in Timor Leste, we intend to apply for International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (Website:

We will engage with the ISCC to advise us on their regulations and seek their approval.

Once approved, Alpine Renewables would be able to handle sustainable materials and prepare for exportation to Europe.



We believe the production of bio fuel is the future of renewable energy as it is the biodegradable and clean-burning replacement for fossil fuel that can be used in existing diesel engines without modification.

With the onset of the Green Movement across the globe, we believe that bio fuels is well on the way to replace mineral oils that cause environmental pollution and degradation.

Alpine Renewables intends to position ourselves for this transition and ride the growth wave into the new era.