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Our fuel trading division, namely GSGP Trading and Consultants Pte Ltd, has a combined 35+ years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector. GSGPTC is the trading arm of our group of companies, registered and domiciled in Singapore and the Company functions as the international procurement, tanker chartering and trading arm for a whole hosts of businesses.  This firm has transacted over US$500M in revenue since its inception and has consulting, agency, and trading relationships with well established international petroleum trading counterparts from across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our core business is in the supply of marine grade diesel, onshore Timor supplies, offshore construction and rigging bunkering demand, blending and supply of light cycle oil and other specialty products like bitumen and lubricants. We have also entered into storage agreements and strategic relationships with facilities in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste and South Korea terminals which make up part of our logistical trading base.

Equipped with a strong understanding of logistics and demand flows, we continually position ourselves to capitalize on supply and demand imbalances. Hence, we are able to transfer our efficiencies and provide the much needed stability to meet all our customers’ requirements.

With our onshore Timor Leste business acting as our base (Our Group has more than 68% of total diesel market share and 54% of gasoline market share). Once our terminal is completed (expected in 2h 2020), we expect to grow from strength to strength while also allowing us to expand our distribution and trading network into nearby islands in the South Pacific.

By accumulating feedback and information, our team seeks to tap into the volatility of the Oil and Gas markets, making informed trades thereby minimising risks. We expect continued growth in this division as we expand our coverage to renewable fuels and other niche markets.

What We Offer

Some of the Petroleum Products that are currently trading: 

  • Light Distillates : Mogas and blendstocks
  • Middle Distillates : Gasoil (10PPM, 500PPM, 5,000PPM), Marine Gasoil, and Light Cycle Oil
  • Renewables : Ethanol, PME, SME, Used Cooking Oil and Waste Oil 
  • Bitumen